Letters From America 1829

TO:Alexander Shields, Etc. % Capn James Trumbel, Craftsbury. Galston, 8 May 1829

Dear Brother,

I rot to you in the month of March and sent it with John Young son to James Young Marchant Galston who was going to Mountreal, but having an opportunity with Charels Wilson Son Robert Wilson Cesnock who is bound for New York, I now think proper to write a few lines to you. We are all in health at present with the rest of your freands. I mensoned when I rot you last that Mary in the Coatage had not been well for som time; she is still getting worse and is mosstly confined to her bed. Your brother John has now to leav the Cotage at the term and go up to the Wintocks where he was befor. We have had a very cold dry spring and there is very littel growth yet. Wilm Houat and I hav had littel work this spring and no great apearnce of work for Sumer. Tread in general is very dull, but I think that the Weaving tread was nevir so lo. I am very sorrie nou that I have to informe you that the Roman Cathlicks have got their Clawes granted to them in Parliment. They have got what they have long contended for and what the result may be the Lord only knows, but for my own part I am afraid of wors times for the Church and people of God, but one thing we know: that this sistem of iniquity will be brought down never more to arise. But we most wait with paitans till the time.

When you write to me you may let me know how you think that Amarica would ansour with me or rather me with it. I hav been thinkn some little on that subject of late, but as there are a good nomber of stumbling blocks in the way, it will take up some time before they be all removed. At any reat you may give me all the information that you wold think nasceray alowing me fullie resolved to com. I wish to know if you think I might live comfortable if in health. As for amasing welth, that is what I do not desire. You may inform os if ther is any venimous Animals or Bears where you are that gives you any disturbance. You may inform us somewhat about the quality of the land which you have got if you remember any peace of land in this place that resembles yours, you may mention it. According to report William Woodburn and his wife are to go to the Glen untill next year and then to go to America. I had almost forgot to inquier at you how you are saitsfied with the Laws of the Countrie and if there is much crime commited and if you have been trubled with the Militia.

So wishing you all well, I remain yours as formerlie,

Robert Shields.


Copyright Friends of Loudoun Kirk © 2018

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