Letters To America 1830

Robert Shields, Galston, to Alexander Shields, per William Woodburn dated Galston, April 14, 1830

Dear Brother,

I received your letter dated the 18 August and I am very happy to hear that you are all in good health and spirits. We are both well with all the rest of your friends in this place as far as I know. I do not know whither you have got any word of Mary Shields Dath or not. She died I think about the latter end of June or beginen of July. Your Brother John has got another dawghter about two months ago and is still working aboutLoudon yet they have got aneu forister at Lowdon nou and Robert Young is paid off with a nomber of the men that wrought with him. Our BrotherHugh has got no work all winter and I do not supos he has mutch prospick of work as yet. Things as fare as I can desarn are making no better.

We had a very dull season last year. The whole of our winning did not amount to fiftin pounds each and if it is not better this year we canot leave by our trad. With respect to me coming to Amarica, there are diffrant obsticals in the way. Betty is backward to com, and I wuld not draw much money for my hous oing to the times being so dull, but what way I may do I canot posibuly say. Betty is at home with me and asWilliam Houat has had no lass this som time past she has to asest him at times. She speaks often about you all and wold be very fond to see the Childrean.

Marion is still stoping with me and John and James are Still in Glasgow and I supos are douing ordnary well and William is our servisman but works very actwardly. I have not heard any thing about our Brother James this long time. Litel William Houat speaks very often about Alex and Jannat and says that Jannet is to be his wife. The Weavers heare are in a very poore state and the rents of houses are badly paid. Alexander Aird has sold his hous nou for 120 pounds and he has paid me all that he oied me. Yow did not mention in your last letter if you had heard any thing about Anderson Wilson’s freand, if you have got any information about him yow may let os know in your nixt.

I need not say much mor at this time as William Woodburn will be able to give you a fuller account how matters are going heare than I can do by writing. Dear Brother, you and I have great reason of thankfulness that we are hitheto sparied and are in some misour of health and strenth, but let us alyes bear in miend that troble and ar dath will come and it will be very afaul to os if we are not prepared for it. Let os not set owr afexons to much apon things of a worldly nature as it will tend to owr disadventage at the last. Let os hear from you as soon as you can and informe os how yow are all getting on and hou Hugh Woodburn and Wife are coming on.

I remain your loving Brother,

Robert Shields.



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