Letters To America 1836

Robert Shields to Alex Care of Capt. James Trumbel, Craftsbury. Galston, May 16, 1836 Postmark New York Jul 6.

Dear Brother,

I now write yow a few lines after a long silance. I wold have rot you last year but as I was working in Darvel in the spring building a house for our friend Hugh Woodburn who is now stoping there — he left the Glen a year ago and he is now getting very weak. The rest of your freands in this place is in ther ordnary state of health as far as I know. Betty has got another chield abowt 8 months ago; his name is Robert. Shie has ben very weakly throu the winter; our Brother Hugh stops nou in the mid room above os and Brother John is moved from the Coatage into the Byre of Loudon and is working in the gardien. I do not remember if I mentoned in my last letter that our sister Marion was gon into Glasgow to stop and William is now stoping with a farmer some wheare of Dombarton and John and James have each of them got a shop for them selvs and I expect before this reaches you that James will be Married on a Daughter of Meadowfoot; our Brother James has ben very pourlie this long time past with a gravel complant and is unfit to work. I am stil very much trubled with a pain in my head and am often unfit to work. Mason work is very lo now about one pound eigt per rood and to all human appearance I will not be able to do a great deal that way as my streanth and sight are greatly diminished. Whe have not got the Society buisness settled yet; it has ben a very troblsom concern but I think it will soon be over. I have nou little thought of ever seeing yow in America, but if William or any of you were to come heare and pay os a visit, we wold be very happy. We recived your letter dated the 8 of March and wer very glad to hear that you wer all in good health for which feavour we owght allgays to be thankful. Mr. Nelson in Kilmarnock has heard no word of his Brother for som years past and he wishes if you know any thing about him you wold let os know and we wil inform him. I have very few neus to inform you of the Church has been in a great butle about Vulantrisem. The Vulantries are for having all conecton betwen Church and Sate desolved and all made vulantrie Churches, but I think this will not be so easlie don as they imagin. We have stil a Days preaching now and then from Mr. Reid, but he is nou getting verie weak and will not be able to continou long. There was a new Mettinghouse built in Darvel last year for Mr. Rodgerson and the year befor ther was a Mittinghows built in Neumilns for Mr. Brus and Mr. Laurie expects a new Church this year. We have had a very wet winter and spring til about thrie weeks ago. Since that time we hav had a strong drought but I most stop for want of time. I therfor wish you all wel whiel in this world and happie in the world to come.

I remain your Brother as formerlie,

Robert Shields.


Copyright Friends of Loudoun Kirk © 2018

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