Births, Deaths And Marriages In Loudoun and Galston

We hope to provide as much information which will help any family history researcher with interests in either Loudoun or Galston parishes. Newmilns and Galston have intertwining parishes which can be a bit of a puzzle to anyone not realising it.

Parish boundaries can move so there is only a general rule of thumb to knowing where they are at a specific time.  Fortunately it isn’t too common and in the Irvine Valley, the River Irvine is a boundary so the area known as Stand-alane in the west of Galston is in the Loudoun parish and the area, Greenholm in Newmilns is in the Galston parish so people living in the same town can be in different parishes.  It can be confusing so it’s always best to check out both parishes.  

There may also be some confusion between Loudoun Kirk and Loudoun Church in Newmilns.   After the new Loudoun Church in Newmilns was built to replace the original Loudoun Kirk, records such as the OPR burials relate to the church in Newmilns and the burying ground there unless otherwise noted.

Due to the amount of family history research, we have a numerous copies of birth, marriage and death registrations for the Loudoun and Galston parishes. Under Crown copyright laws we are unable to copy and publish the registrations although we can publish a spreadsheet of the details on the registrations. More detailed information may be found by downloading the specific document for a small fee direct from

N.B. In order to provide some uniformity to the death registrations, the female’s maiden name has been used and the spouse shown in the last column.

Death registrations for infants are shown either in years or as:-

‘H’ = hours          ‘D’ = Days         ‘W’ = Weeks         ‘M’ = Months







Please Note: these lists have not been checked and may contain errors



Copyright Friends of Loudoun Kirk © 2018



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