Burials In Loudoun Kirkyard

As a project to find out who was buried in Loudoun Kirkyard, the use of our own graveyard survey and memorial inscriptions, together with any free information available, such as Family Search and FREECEN. Downloading paid-for registrations from scotlandspeople to confirmed connections. Occasionally a family researcher will exchange information with us and this enables us to connect family historians. Loudoun Kirk has become a ‘hub’ and we are happy to share what information we have. We never share personal information such as contact details without permission.

All family history reports are provided without guarantee to be correct but are intended to serve as a guide. It is always best to confirm all sources for yourself and not rely on someone else’s work, however thorough they may be. Our story of Loudoun Kirk, originally thought to have been built in 1451, is a prime example of a major error being transferred down through history because nobody did their own research, but took the word of another  amateur historian.

A round, raised burial ground is often an indication that it is an ancient burial site. Burial ground have an interesting history of their own. ‘An Introduction To Graveyard Recording’ is a very interesting booklet to read. It’s available to download and maybe a benefit to anyone interested in family and local history.

The Yule Story

John Douglas,

The Glasgow Girls

Loudoun to Argentina 


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