The Yule Story

It was though unusual for two young lads by the name of William Yule, both aged around six and both their fathers were majors in the Honerable East India Company Service (H.E.I.C.S). and were not local to this area. The story which unfolded, with the help from a member of the Yule family, is extremely interesting.

gsp50 yule


William Yule (father Major William Yule HEICS, Inveresk) died Loudoun    
19th June 1820 aged 6 years / William Yule / Nephew of above (father    
Major R.A. Yule, 9th Royal Lancers) died Meerut, East Indies 18th September    
1818 aged 3 years 9 months    


Find out more about the Yule family, click on the link below.

Family History report: Yule, George 1752 ©




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