F.O.L.K. Committee Members

Chairman: Johnny Alexander*.  Johnny has an extensive knowledge of the area and is a family friend of the late Lady Jean and family.

Secretary: Agnes M Wilson*: Became involved by accident thanks to her daughter’s interest. An interest in family history has helped with providing information for researchers.

Treasurer: Gillian Hutchieson*: Besides keeping our accounts in order and her hand firmly on the organisation purse strings, she also has been researching the village of Loudounkirk.

Madeleine Kerr: Daughter of the late Lady Jean, is a hands-on committee member, willing to help when needed.

Britt Sutherland: Daughter of Madeleine, is involved with other charitable organisations and now her children are a little bit older, is becoming more involved.

Emma Wright-Kerr: Daughter of Madeleine and like Britt, is willing to do what she can to keep the organisation interesting and functional.

Madeleine, Britt and Emma share the duties of minute secretaries and event organisers.

Over the years we have lost many of our committee members, some have sadly, passed away, others have moved elsewhere.

We are always happy to welcome new committee members.


  • Also trustees of Loudoun Kirk Preservation Trust.

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