The kirk had been allowed to deteriorate to the stage of having an ingress of water  and although there was little inside to be damaged with the exception of the coffins, there was a danger of the roof rotting.

The roofing  was unique by being sandstone which is normally porous and deteriorates in time.

Geosurvey map c

Samples of the roofing and samples from the quarry were sent to the British Geological Survey for analysis and the quality of stone was apparently due to the close proxity of the extinct volcanic plug of Loudoun Hill. This type of igneous stone is suitable for paving and roofing.

Roof slates 1

We had permission from the local landowner to take stone which could be used to replace damaged roofing. Most of the roofing was fairly good and sound but it had to be removed to allow thorough repair work to be carried out.  Unfortunately as a result of vandalism, our supply of roofing had been broken and it resulted in finding a suitable stone elsewhere.

Loudoun Kirk restoration0003

The roofing timbers were showing serious signs of wet rot and some of it had to be replaced.

Loudoun Kirk restoration0008
Water damaged roof timbers
Loudoun Kirk restoration0023
New roofing timbers

Unfortunately Loudoun Kirk has succumbed to theft of roof lead, twice successfully and one failed attempt. Although the second attempt failed, there was substantial damage and the third attempt also dislodged the stone cross, it hasyet to be replaced in its rightful position.

Kirk gable end


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