The Glasgow Girls

As a result of a surge of artistic activity from the Glasgow School of Art at the turn of the century, the distinctive “Art Nouveau” known as the Glasgow Style emerged. The Glaswegian women associated with the school were key innovators of this movement, and eventually achieved lasting recognition together with their male counterparts, “The Glasgow Boys” Rev. Hamilton … Continue reading The Glasgow Girls


F.O.L.K. Committee Members

Chairman: Johnny Alexander*.  Johnny has an extensive knowledge of the area and is a family friend of the late Lady Jean and family. Secretary: Agnes M Wilson*: Became involved by accident thanks to her daughter's interest. An interest in family history has helped with providing information for researchers. Treasurer: Gillian Hutchieson*: Besides keeping our accounts … Continue reading F.O.L.K. Committee Members


The kirk had been allowed to deteriorate to the stage of having an ingress of water  and although there was little inside to be damaged with the exception of the coffins, there was a danger of the roof rotting. The roofing  was unique by being sandstone which is normally porous and deteriorates in time. Samples … Continue reading Roofing