The Friends of Loudoun Kirk was established in 1994 to restore and preserve the partially ruined Loudoun Kirk and it’s environs

The Kirk was originally thought to have been built around 1451 but after thorough research evidence now shows it was  built around 1189.

Restored to some degree by the 3rd Marquis of Bute in 1898, the kirk became the burial vault for many of the members of the families in Loudoun Castle and after some punitive attempts at repairs, the kirk was left in danger of becoming derelict.

The state of the building was noted by two men, the late James Mair and John McGill, both interested in preserving this historical building and in 1994 saw the birth of FOLK (Friends of Loudoun Kirk)


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In the beginning, Lady Barbara Huddleston Abney-Hastings, 13th Countess of Loudoun was our patron and Lady Edith McLaren, an associate patron.  Sadly Lady Barbara died in 2002 and her son, Michael Abney-Hastings,  who had now become 14th Earl of Loudoun, became our patron. Michael, Earl of Loudoun died in 2012 in Australia, just a few … Continue reading Patrons

Loudoun OPR Burials 1811-1857

Until 1855, the parish churches were the recorders if birth, marriages and death of their parishioners. The different religious denominations had their own responsibility to keep their own records, and many did not. Kirk Session books and registers weren’t always kept once official registration began in 1855 and many have been lost or found their … Continue reading Loudoun OPR Burials 1811-1857

John Douglas 1759 Clock Maker

John Douglas 1759 Jedburgh, Roxburghshire became a Master Clock and Watch maker and founded a dynasty of Clock and Watch makers, Jewellers, Jewellery makers, Goldsmiths and Silversmiths. Eighteen Clock and Watch makers named Douglas that are part of the family have been identified, plus a Walter Lamont ­ making a total of nineteen. Besides clockmaking  there is a strong descent of Artists­Snuff Box painter, Portrait painters, Genre painters and Picture restorers; plus Photographers ­including portrait and carte­de-­viste  and Innkeepers and Vintners, all in Scotland. Some of these careers and talents show up in later generations eg with Walter Douglas 1786 Jedburgh a son of John’s with his first wife Mary Newton/Nuton c1762 ­ there  were two more generations of Clock and Watch makers after Walter. The Guildhall in London found in their apprentice records that John Douglas Master Clockmaker in Jedburgh had two apprentice Clockmakers ­ Joseph Ellcot ­ 30 Jan 1793 ­ 4 years apprenticeship and Thomas Hill ­ 31 Oct 1794 ­ 3 years 6 months apprenticeship. John and Mary (Newton/Nuton) Douglas had five and possibly six children in Jedburgh. 1. Gabriel Douglas 7/7/1784 Clockmaker, Portland Arms Inn Keeper/Owner, Vintner ­married (1) Elizabeth Paterson and (2) Margaret Anderson  Inn Keeper/Owner and Vintner.   2. Jean Douglas c Feb 1786? 3. Walter Douglas 26/2/1786 Master Clock and Watch maker ­ married Isabella Anderson 4. Jean Douglas 15/1/1788 ­ married John Lamont Weaver 5. Christian Douglas 7/12/1789 ­married John Aitken 6. John Douglas 10/9/1794 Master Clock and Watch maker ­married Mary McLiver. John and Mary Douglas moved from Jedburgh to Galston, Ayrshire between 1798 and   1803. Mary (Newton/Nuton) Douglas died in Jan 1803 and is buried in Loudoun Kirk churchyard ­near  Galston  and a memorial tablet remains ­ erected by her spouse John Douglas Clockmaker. Also buried with Mary is a James D Douglas. On 23/10/1808 John married Agnes Allan at Galston and they had in Galston  1. Mary Douglas 16/1/1810 ­ married John Moffat … Continue reading John Douglas 1759 Clock Maker

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